Somebody Save Me

I said I wouldn’t write about the presidential election. I said I’d never work in a restaurant either, but as of right now, I’ve worked at 2. Both were crap, so we’ll see how this goes. Up till now, I’ve been good. I’ve cringed and seethed, but I’ve stayed away from posting articles, commenting on … More Somebody Save Me

A Month Out

    It’s been 4 weeks since I graduated from my internship with Hillside. WHOA. A lot has happened: I got a job at a Japanese restaurant as a chef, I’m on staff at Hillside as an internship administration assistant as well as a mobilization assistant, and I’ve moved from my apartment a few blocks … More A Month Out

Here At The End

Our last regular day in the office as interns was one for the books. Devotions, helping oversee the sewing with refugees project that we started last month, driving around Church Hill with Jessica and Lisl, and a party for Lisl’s birthday. Now insert office work, ring making, playing with 3 year olds, cleaning the office, … More Here At The End


A small view of the silliness that I willingly take part in and delight in every week with our Afghan students. The children beg us to play with them, love the books and the white board that we bring. They can barely wait for the lesson with the adults to be over before they are … More Silliness

Business As Mission

Yesterday and today, we’ve had class with the business as mission director of World Horizons, David Skews. A man with experience under his belt, insight for the future, and plenty of stories, he came to teach us specifically about how to build a God honoring business that is profitable not only for us, but for … More Business As Mission

End Of The Year

Photo Courtesy of Emily Patton. Here at two weeks prior to graduation,we felt we needed another group shot. These people have become dear to me in a way that I cannot express. We have learned, loved, and struggled together for 9 months, and I will be happy to see them move on to great and … More End Of The Year